Top Spin 4 – Live Streams on YouTube

Top Spin 4 - Live Streams YouTube

I just got into game streaming earlier this year. I started with Mixer, but now I am having fun playing around with the different platforms like YouTube and Twitch. My Top Spin 4 Live streams on YouTube lasted for about 4 1/2. The stream can be viewed here.

To answer a frequently asked question among viewers, to my knowledge, Top Spin 4 is only available on the Xbox 360 which can be purchased used on Amazon here. There needs to be an emulator so we can play it on each platform. Better yet, let’s just make Top Spin 5.

Getting back to my Top Spin 4 Live Streams on YouTube. It was fun. Not much going on in the chat, but I had a steady flow of a few visitors from 10PM – 2:30AM. It was interesting. We played some fierce Tennis matches last night.

Top Spin 4 has a ton of beautiful venues to choose from. Player animations are fluid enough for me. Overall, I won a few, but lost more, lol. Still fun! It was the first time I streamed Top Spin 4 or any game for that long. With that being said, expect to see more live streams on XboxTennis on YouTube.

Not that I want to steer you away from Top Spin 4, but here is a link to Tennis World Tour that came out last year.

Roger Federer On Juice

Roger Federer On SteroidsDo you think it looks like Roger Federer on Juice in this photo? If there is one thing for sure, we know he would never use steroids. He doesn’t need to, he was born a superstar. Hormone replacement therapy, perhaps.

Roger Federer On Juice?

Obviously this is an altered photo designed to make it look like he is juicing. This just gives us a humorous idea of what he would look like if he ever did take steroids. The alteration to this photo was done in Photoshop CS. 

So I’ll go ahead and create a separate category for Photoshop altered Tennis pros like this one. I’ll call it “Tennis Humor“. I think it will get a few laughs, especially because all the Tennis pros know were just having fun. If you guys want more of this kind of content make sure you post in the comments and I will make it happen.

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World Tour Tennis – Coming 2018

So it’s been almost 7 years since Top Spin 4 was released. This was the best simulation online Tennis game, period! Personally, every chance I had I was playing Top Spin 4. It was about 2 years ago I heard there will be no Top Spin 5. This was horrible news for the thousands of dedicated Top Spin / Tennis fans around the world. Well today I got some good news for our Tennis community, click here to read this article that includes the Top Spin 4 developer.

Nadal’s 10th French Open Title

Rafael Nadal’s clay-court season will reach its apex on Sunday as the Spaniard will attempt to win his record 10th Roland Garros title and his third “La Décima” of the season.
Nadal advanced to his 10th Roland Garros final on Friday by avenging his lone clay-court loss of the season, dismissing Austrian Dominic Thiem 6-3, 6-4, 6-0 in the semi-final.
On Sunday, Nadal will meet another former Roland Garros champion in third seed and 2015 titlist Stan Wawrinka, who prevailed past top seed Andy Murray 6-7(8), 6-3, 5-7, 7-6(3), 6-1 in four hours and 34 minutes.

Something will have to give during what should be a battle of a final. Wawrinka has never lost in a Grand Slam title match, having won all three of his earlier finals, including the 2015 Roland Garros title match against Novak Djokovic and the 2014 Australian Open final against Nadal.

John McEnroe Vs. Serena Williams

But Seriously, why are we talking about this? Well, he did say 700… And to a woman as BOSS as Serena Williams, who is many months pregnant, wow, I would say be very careful. Women who are pregnant can and will bite your head off. Woman have a tendency to fly off the handle or have mood swings during pregnancy. Then there’s Twitter or any other social media stream in general. Social media can turn nonsense into Headlines when you are as famous as Serena Williams and John McEnroe.

In order to make this right, the William’s and the McEnroe’s will have to agree on a more fair number. Obviously 700 is out of the question. 😉

My Racquet Bracket Picks – French Open 2017

My Racquet Bracket Picks

Tourneytopia runs Racquet Brackets tournaments for a chance to win a trip to any of the future events from The Tennis Channel. It’s free, so you owe it to yourself to go there and register right now. Once registered you can get notified of new tournaments and a link to submit your Racquet Bracket picks for that particular tourney. Here is what the confirmation page looks like after you submit your picks. Click here

You should get in this contest. Submit your picks here. The deadline to enter is 5/28/2017 5:00 AM Eastern Standard Time.

Tennis World Tour

Tennis fans and gamers around the world, Tennis World Tour is a new PS4 and Xbox One game coming in 2018! We are all so excited at as we will be hosting all online competitive tournaments for Tennis World Tour, The Game, when it launches! There will be a full fledged gaming community there of tennis enthusiasts who compete online and discuss all things tennis. Please go to and register your email to be notified when everything launches!