John McEnroe Vs. Serena Williams

John McEnroe would say, But Seriously. Why are we talking about this? Well, he did say Serena would rank 700 if she played against men. And to a woman as boss as Serena Williams, who has a million trophies, is almost ready to give birth, I would say be very careful. Women who are pregnant have a tendency to fly off the handle or have mood swings during pregnancy. Serena is human and is no different than any other woman who is dealing with being pregnant.

John McEnroe’s comment was posted on Twitter by Buzzfeed News. Once that comment hit Twitter all hell broke loose. Social Media platforms like Twitter can turn nonsense or silly comments into Headlines overnight. Especially when you are as famous as Serena Williams or John McEnroe. Which is why it makes sense that Serena reacted that way about John’s comment. I don’t blame her.

Serena Williams is very passionate about Tennis, it’s her life. So for John McEnroe to say that about her was a little uncalled for. We know John did not say she would rank 700 to get under her skin or to start something. He said it because he really believes it.

Let’s say they really did play. In order to make this right, the Serena Williams and John McEnroe will have to agree on a more fair number. Obviously 700 is out of the question, lol. John McEnroe Vs Serena Williams

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