Racquet Bracket – Roland Garros

The Tennis Channel runs racquet bracket tournaments 4 times per year using Tourneytopia bracketology. These tennis tournaments give us opportunities to win paid vacations to any of the future majors. All is paid for by The Tennis Channel. Once you are a registered user, setup your notifications to alert you of new tournaments. You have no reason for not registering for these tournaments and making your picks. The entire process should only take you 15 minutes. After you have made your picks make sure you have quick access to your tournament link. Here is what the racquet bracket looked like for Wimbledon ATP.

The first Racquet Bracket tournament I entered was on January 29th, 2012. I did not win that one and I still have not won, lol. I usually play a few times per year. The more you play the better your chances will be, but still does not garentee you will win, you still need some luck.

If you are a tennis fan you owe it to yourself to enter these contests. If you win they send you on a paid vacation to the tournament’s destination. Even if you never win, so what, it’s fun to play and will definitely keep you focused on the tornament being played. If you are interested in participating in a free tennis tornament click here to learn more. Racket Bracket Picks