Roger Federer On Juice

Roger Federer On SteroidsWe all know Roger Federer would never take the juice / steroids. Do you think it looks like Roger Federer on Juice in this photo? All I did was open the photo in Photoshop and morphed it. If steroids was a problem for the sport of Tennis, this is what Roger Federer would look like. If there was 1 thing we’ve learned about sports over the last few decades, not all athletes need steroids to achieve excellence. Roger Federer is one of those athletes. He doesn’t need them, he was born a superstar and at 38 he continues to dominate.

Roger Federer On Juice?

Obviously this is an altered photo designed to make it look like he is juicing. This just gives us a humorous idea of what he would look like if he ever did take steroids. The alteration to this photo was done in Photoshop CS. 

So I’ll go ahead and create a separate category for Photoshop altered Tennis pros like this one. I’ll call it “Tennis Humor“. I think it will get a few laughs, especially because all the Tennis pros know were just having fun. If you guys want more of this kind of content make sure you post in the comments and I will make it happen.

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