Tennis World Tour

Tennis World Tour

Tennis World Tour has been out since 5/22/2018. They say it’s going to be like Top Spin 4. I’ll elaborate on that in a moment. Let’s not forget, Top Spin 4 was released in 2011, and in 2019, is still being played compititively online. If my assumptions are correct, I would say the Top Spin 4 community are expecting big things from TWT. After coming off Top Spin 4, you bet our expectations will be high.

Questions about Tennis World Tour that you guys have been asking me.

  • When will it be patched?
  • Why are they charging us for another tennis game before the first one is fixed?
  • How well polished do the animations and gameplay feel?

I will do my best to answer these questions.

When will it be patched?

No one really knows when a new TWT patch will be released, until it’s released. Most companies use Twitter to post information about upcoming patches. So make sure you Follow them on Twitter. Some companies prefer to post on their Facebook page. Reseach all these avenues if your concern is to know when updates are released.

Why Breakpoint and BigBen Are charging us for another tennis game before the first one is fixed?

This is a great question and one that has boggled my mind as well. Thousands of people spent $59 or $79 on TWT just to find out it was not finished. It literally was an unfinished game that someone approved to be sold. Who could approve this game to be sold is beyong me. Then they have the nerve to release another tennis game and expect us to buy it. I know some of us did, but not many. Why would you give a company your money a second time after they failed to fix the first one? The feedback I received on the second game was the same. The game plays exactly they same as TWT. Glad I didn’t get it.

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