Top Spin 4 – Anticipation

The Top Spin 4 word of the day is Anticipation.

For those Top Spin 4 players who have better than average Anticipation, I have a fun custom player setup that will not only add some life back into your game, but will allow a player with better than average Anticipation to track down almost any shot.

The Setup:

The coach is: Martin Kozak.
His specialties are: Faster Reflexes / Faster Movement on the Court.
The skills are: Diesel Returner / Low Volley Specialist.
The strategy levels are: Serve and Volley: 4 / Offensive Baseline: 12 / Defensive Baseline: 4.

I realized these skills were so effective when I reached level 14 in the World Tour against some top players who I have lost to in the past. As we all know, World Tour is where you go if you want to get your ass kicked, or if you think you are good enough to kick some ass.

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