Top Spin 4 – Live Streams on YouTube

I just got into game streaming earlier this year. I started with Mixer, but now I am having fun playing around with the different platforms like YouTube and Twitch. My Top Spin 4 Live streams on YouTube lasted for about 4 1/2. The stream can be viewed here.

To answer a frequently asked question among viewers, to my knowledge, Top Spin 4 is only available on the Xbox 360 which can be purchased used on Amazon here. There needs to be an emulator so we can play it on each platform. Better yet, let’s just make Top Spin 5.

Getting back to my Top Spin 4 Live Streams on YouTube. It was fun. Not much going on in the chat, but I had a steady flow of a few visitors from 10PM – 2:30AM. It was interesting. We played some fierce Tennis matches last night.

Top Spin 4 has a ton of beautiful venues to choose from. Player animations are fluid enough for me. Overall, I won a few, but lost more, lol. Still fun! It was the first time I streamed Top Spin 4 or any game for that long. With that being said, expect to see more live streams on XboxTennis on YouTube.

Not that I want to steer you away from Top Spin 4, but here is a link to Tennis World Tour that came out last year.

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