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Since this post, it’s been just over a year since the release of Top Spin 4, and already players of the series already have questions about future releases of Top Spin, Top Spin 5 to be exact. It’s to no surprise fans of the Top Spin series already have ants in their pants to improve the best tennis game ever created. Top Spin 5. Top Spin is just that good of a Tennis game. If you own an Xbox 360 you owe it to yourself to download this game to your Xbox 360 console. I think it’s $10, but worth every penny. If you don’t own an Xbox 360, buy one here. Xbox 360 500 GB Call of Duty Bundle

Top Spin 5 Most Requested Features

Which male and female pro tennis players will be on the roster?
Will the leader boards still exist?
Will there be 4 licensed Grand Slams?
How many pro players will be on the roster?
Will there be risk shots?
Will the mechanics of the game change?
Will players be able to spectate live matches? (This is a big one for me)
Will 4 players be able to connect from different locations for a global doubles match?
Will there be a challenge system?

Anything missing? Post your comments below. The larger this post gets it’s more likely to be read by investors/developers. Let’s do this!

These questions seem legit to me. When the Top Spin community speaks, investors/developers of Top Spin series should listen. We know Top Spin better than anyone, we play it everyday, still to this day. Loyal fans to the real Tennis Pros, everyone wants to know what’s going on with Top Spin 5. Why hasn’t any of the Top Tennis Pros got behind this movement yet? If I had the money of a top pro player, I would have done it already. What someone needs to do is develop a new version of Top Spin every 2 years max.

At this point know one really knows what new features Top Spin 5 will have. What we do know, there will be a Top Spin 5, even if another company develops it. 2K Czech did a fine job with Top Spin 4 and it is safe to assume they would be the one’s to develop Top Spin 5. The Top Spin series and community has grown so much since the release of Top Spin 1. Someone with some backing should that it would be like throwing money away if Top Spin 4 was the final version, and that’s not gonna happen.

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