U.S Open Series 2015

2015 US Open Schedule

?Date?Session ?Time ??Featured Matches
Monday, August 311 Day11:00 amMen’s/Women’s 1st Round
Monday, August 312 Evening7:00 pmMen’s/Women’s 1st Round
Tuesday, September 13 Day11:00 amMen’s/Women’s 1st Round
Tuesday, September 14 Evening7:00 pmMen’s/Women’s 1st Round
Wednesday, September 25 Day11:00 amMen’s/Women’s 2nd Round
Wednesday, September 26 Evening7:00 pmMen’s/Women’s 2nd Round
Thursday, September 37 Day11:00 amMen’s/Women’s 2nd Round
Thursday, September 38 Evening7:00 pmMen’s/Women’s 2nd Round
Friday, September 49 Day11:00 amMen’s/Women’s 3rd Round
Friday, September 410 Evening7:00 pmMen’s/Women’s 3rd Round
Saturday, September 511 Day11:00 amMen’s/Women’s 3rd Round
Saturday, September 512 Evening7:00 pmMen’s/Women’s 3rd Round
Sunday, September 613 Day11:00 amMen’s/Women’s Round of 16
Sunday, September 614 Evening7:00 pmMen’s/Women’s Round of 16
Monday, September 715 Day11:00 amMen’s/Women’s Round of 16
Monday, September 716 Evening7:00 pmMen’s/Women’s Round of 16
Tuesday, September 817 Day11:00 amWomen’s Quarterfinal / Men’s Quarterfinal
Tuesday, September 818 Evening7:00 pmWomen’s Quarterfinal / Men’s Quarterfinal
Wednesday, September 919 Day11:00 amWomen’s Quarterfinals / Men’s Quarterfinal
Wednesday, September 920 Evening7:00 pmMen’s Quarterfinal / TBD
Thursday, September 10217:00 pmWomen’s Semifinals
Friday, September 1122 Day12:00 pmMixed Doubles Final / Men’s Semifinals
Saturday, September 1223 Day12:00 pmMen’s Doubles Final / Women’s Final
Sunday, September 1324 Day12:00 pmWomen’s Doubles Final / Men’s Final
* Schedule is subject to change
^ Field court play begins at 12:00 p.m.
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